Training App

The app Shape Up is an accessible exercise app that fits everyone.

Shape Up has instructions and training programs in Swedish Sign Language, Swedish, International Sign and English.

Choose a program and get structure and variety in your training! You will develop and become stronger in your training. You can follow a program that suits you and you will be developed to reach your goals.

  • These programs are in Shape Up:
  • 3D Group Training
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Muscle Strength and Burning
  • Fat Burning Circle Training
  • Weight Training
  • Simple and effective body weight training without gears
  • Whole Body – Mobility, Strength and Pulse Strength
  • Challenge
  • Running interval, Endurance & 3D Strength
  • Core
  • Home training adapted for deafblind

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  • Current subscription monthly (129 SEK/month)

To access the entire Shape Up, with the different training programs, pedometer and updates of new programs, you need a subscription. The app works for both iPhone and Android.

Once you have acquired your subscription, you can start by giving yourself motivation and inspiration for training through the app. You will definitely get good results if you follow the programs. Your health will boost itself!