Training App

Shape Up app is a training app in Sign Language

I’m your Personal Coach/Trainer in Sign Language in your mobilephone. I follow you and explain everything. I give you different training programs, in Sign Lanugage of course!

You get finished instructions and training programs in Sign Language. There are also texts under the films if you wish to read.

You choose a program and get structure and also variation in your training and you will develop yourself. You follow a program that fit you and you will discover that you deveIop yourself in line to reach your goals. The programs do not only contain exercises, the purpose in following the training programs is to develop yourself and your training to become stronger.

You can use the app wherever you are in the world. You can watch films how exercises will be performed, an instruction film and an exercise film in Sign Language. There is also a pedometer which is going to push you to more movement in your everyday life.

In the free version of the Shape Up app in Sign Language, you can only download the app. To access the whole Shape Up app with all training programs, pedometer, updates of new programs, dietary and much more, you will need a subscription. The app is for both iPhone and Android.


  • Current subscription monthly (129 SEK/month)

When you have download your subscription, you can start to give yourself motivation and inspiration to training through the app. You will absolutely get good results if you follow the training programs. Your health will get a boost!

The app will be updated with many training programs for home, gym and outdoor trainings with different focus and goals. In short, the app will also contain dietary advices.