Inbody 770


Do you eat right? Do you exercise right?
Inbody 770 is a careful body measurement.

Inbody with PT consultation

Book an inbody and pt consultation with me. Then you get a thorough analysis of your values and suggestions on how to train and eat to develop in the direction you want. InBody makes it easier for you to set up a strategy to achieve your training goals and the training follow-up becomes clearer when you see the current situation in your body in numbers. The InBody measurement is also helpful in following up on health, eating habits, weight control and other living changes.

Here’s how to measure:
The test takes about 15-20 minutes and is carried out by me as a leader. The measurement process is simple as you stand barefoot on a platform while holding two handles. InBody is a bioimpedance meter that has eight measurement points that send an electrical impulse through your body and measures the electrical resistance of the body. Our body contains a large amount of water and the level of electrical resistance varies depending on the amount of water in the body, that is, the composition of fat, muscle and bone tissue. InBody does not use empirical data that affects test results. Therefore, InBody is used in research and elite athletics and has a comparability to DXA X-ray of 98%.

You log in with social security number so that the wave reminds your previous weights and compares in chart form after each weighing. It shows with clear bars how you stand against the media urope in the same gender / age, so you can easily see what you should improve.

You get a recommended goal weight based on your body’s composition. Not on a BMI scale as it has often been before. If you also have a good muscle mass, it will take it into consideration in their other recommendations. If you gain weight or weight, you will also receive a recommended daily intake of calorie to achieve your goal.

It shows Visceral Fat / Health Rating (“the hazardous fat”) so that you get a guideline on where you lie and how you feel.

To consider before measurement:

  • The measurement should be made on an empty stomach, at least two hours after the meal
  • Visit the toilet before the measurement
  • No sports, sauna or shower before measurement
  • Stand at least 5 min. before measurement
  • To get the right weight, dress in thin clothes
  • The follow-up measurements should be made at similar conditions to previous measurements
  • Measurement can not be done if you are pregnant, have a pace maker or have an amputated leg or an amputated arm.
  • The measurement results may be incorrect if you are taking fluid-generating medications, are on your period, are very swollen or have metal implants.

Inbody measures:

  • The total weight (kg)
  • Body fat free mass (kg)
  • Muscle mass (kg)
  • The amount of fat tissue (kg)
  • Fat percentage (%)
  • Body fluid (inside / outside the cells) (l)
  • Weight Control Goal (kg)
  • Muscle balance (arms, feet and waist)
  • Leg length
  • Fundamental turnover (kcal)
  • Body Weight Index (BMI)
  • Body weight (kg)
  • Visceral fat (extent of fat around the internal organs)
  • Previous measurements (weight, muscle mass, fat percentage, fluid balance)
  • InBody points.
  • Allows you to actually see what your body consists of.
  • Your health depends on more than just your weight. An InBody weighing shows from the inside how the distribution of muscle mass, fat percentage, visceral fat (abdominal fat, hazardous fat), fluid, minerals, proteins appear in your body. You get a clear picture of how your body is, in addition, with a result value of almost 100%. An InBody weighing can help you control your diet and exercise plan so that you reach your goals.

Your first measurement gives you a current status analysis and after a few weeks of training you can see your results by measuring with InBody again. The scale takes into account good muscle mass and gives you “right” values according to your conditions. Whether you’re up or down, you’ll also get recommended daily calorie intake.

I’ll help you analyze the results.

What is weight?
When you stand on a scale and see that you have gone down 1 kg, what is it actually you have gone down? 1 kg fat? Liquid? Muscles? By analyzing your weight with body composition, you will get a better understanding of changes in your body in a way that you can follow properly.

When you weigh you, you will receive a personal analysis to inform you of where your health status is. We recommend doing the InBody test once a month to create an overview of the developments you make. The result is based on 100% on YOU and YOUR body type.

First visit 495 kr
Return visit 395 kr
PT-client 295 kr